Viva la Primavera!!!!

Spring has sprung in cupcake land and we couldn’t be more happy!

I want to take this opportunity to introduce my baby daughter Viva! She was born November 11, 2010 and she just turned five months old for her first Easter celebration with the family. What better way to celebrate than with CUPCAKES! Viva couldn’t try them yet of course, but once she can have sweets, look out!  We’ll have her piping frosting by the time she’s 3! LOL ;}

These cupcakes were for my lovely wifey, Jennie, who is allergic to wheat, soy and gluten. So they are gluten free lemon pound cakes topped with lavender honey mascarpone whipped cream! Woooooweee! They were delicious. The family enjoyed them along with some more traditional glutenous treats. And I didn’t hear anyone say anything about them being gluten free! 😀

Stay Sweet!

xoxo Erin

Some WILD cupcakes for the Philadelphia Zoo!

We recently had an order that was a lot of fun to make! We got to take a walk on the wild side with our fondant creations when the Philadelphia Zoo ordered cupcakes for the opening night of their newest exhibit “X-Tink-Shun”. Puppets of endangered or extinct animals were created by the Jim Henson company to create awareness about endangered species and conservation.

We made over 400 cupcakes in the likeness of these 7 cute critters which include an eaglet, a frog, and even a dodo bird! It was a lot of sculpting with sugar and we couldn’t have done it without a crew of talented helpers we recruited at the last minute!. Big thanks to all of our “minions” and of course our intern Christina! We love you guys!

These cupcakes were featured on several blogs that reported on the opening night event. Sounds like everyone enjoyed them! Yay!